Violin Lessons  

Mastering the “queen of music” is a bold step that not everyone decides to take. Especially in adulthood. What is stopping you? Lack of free time, insecurity and age stereotypes? If you come for a trial lesson at our violin school, then make sure: everything is possible. The main thing is your desire.

Yes, learning to play the violin is not easy - solfeggio, new terms, incomprehensible exercises, the need to organize time ... At first it will be difficult. But interesting. Positive and enthusiastic musicians-teachers will work with you. They will not only teach you how to play, but will help you understand and love this fretless bowed instrument.

When to start?

We'll let you in on a big secret: there is no ideal age for violin lessons. We have equally successful students as young students aged 6-12, as well as adults aged 27-35 and more mature and self-sufficient people who are already well over 50. What is the secret here? No, we didn't break the system. We just love music and teach in a new way:

We do not guide students according to one program, but we select a classical or individual system. The first one will be chosen by those who are ready to study for 4-5 years and become a musician, the second one is suitable for those who want to quickly learn the basics of the game.
We do not criticize, but motivate and infect by personal example. The better the student tries, the higher the chance to participate in our concert, go to a music festival or an international competition.
We do not put marks, but celebrate successes and offer additional bonuses - open master classes, summer intensives, as well as parallel training in academic vocals or playing other instruments.

Why the violin?

For someone, learning to play at least simple melodies on this instrument is a dream from childhood. Someone plans to improve the skill. The goals may be different, but all of our aspiring violinists are united by love and reverence for this unique instrument - a miracle of engineering, capable of producing amazing sounds.

Violin lessons are not boring. At each lesson, you make progress: learn to hold the bow, play the first melody, comprehend new playing techniques and reveal your creative potential. How can all this be boring?

If you are ready to sign up for a trial lesson, then write to us online or call - we will agree on a convenient time and select the best training program for you based on the results of listening, as well as taking into account your wishes and budget!

Subscriptions - from 30 rubles for 60 minutes (for adults) of an individual lesson with a teacher!

What will you achieve after six months of violin lessons

Learn to hold the instrument correctly and beautifully
Learn how to sound the right way
Significantly improve your musical ear
You can play your favorite songs
Start participating in the school's string ensemble
Perform a number at the school's reporting concert
You will start to surprise your friends and loved ones with playing an instrument that is worth a whole orchestra in terms of the beauty of its sound.
Are you still wondering how to learn to play the violin from scratch? Doubt that you can master this musical instrument?

Sign up for a free trial lesson and make sure that you can play beautiful pieces on the violin even as an adult!


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